Maximising Your Mixing Potential

Mega Pro Audio (Mega Music) is excited to be launching production team training for churches once again, and we are thrilled to offer you an opportunity for our upcoming training events!

Personalised Sessions with Craig Tucker

Our heart behind this is to equip your church so that your message would not be hindered by technical issues. From building a basic mix, blending vocals, getting separation in your band mix, optimising digital mixers to advanced compression techniques. Even training on getting the best results from staging and lighting to create a great atmosphere for worship. Craig can also speak into musicianship and the best approaches applied to get a great front of house result. This training takes place at your venue. 


We offer personalised training that covers a wide range of topics, including mixing overall balance, using digital mixers, understanding gain structure, vocal EQ, mixing various instruments, mastering EQ techniques, exploring stereo and matrix outputs, utilising compression, noise gates, and effects, choosing the right microphones, setting up in-ear monitors, and setting up PA systems from start to finish.


$169 per hour (with a minimum of 2 hours) 

Bookings of 3 hours or more, will receive a 10% discount.


5 Week Training Course

MPA’s Live Audio Mixing Training is a comprehensive program designed to equip churches and their audio teams with the skills and knowledge needed to deliver exceptional sound quality during worship services and other events. Craig Tucker will guide you through the fundamentals of audio equipment, sound system setup, and effective sound engineering techniques. Some key benefits of this training include an introduction to live audio engineering, musicality in live sound, mixing vocals and harmonies, running sound checks, and, most importantly, empowering the growth of your audio team.

Course Topics:

How to balance an overall mix 

Using digital mixers 

Gain structure: best practices 

Mixing vocals (Vocal EQ and speech EQ) 

Mixing drums, bass, guitars, and keyboards (Tone, bleed, and EQ techniques)

Understanding Equipment: DI Boxes, Microphones, Speakers, amplifiers, Wireless microphones and In Ear Monitors (IEMs) 

Basic mixing tricks 

Stereo, mono, and matrix outputs 

Avoiding feedback 

Dynamics: Compression, noise gates 

Effects: Reverb, delay 

Choosing the right microphone 

Setting up and mixing in-ear monitors 

Setting up a PA system from start to finish


Introductory Offer of $395


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