Carey Baptist College

Carey Baptist College required an audiovisual solution for their auditorium that could accommodate a wide range of uses, from spoken word to drama to dance.

The college often rented out the auditorium to external parties, which provided an additional source of income for the school. The nature of the site required a higher level of thought and effort during the design stage, while still considering the customer’s budget. Mega Pro Audio, a leading pro audio and visual solutions company, was tasked with providing a customised solution for the college.

Bridging Education and Entertainment

The main challenge of the project was to design an AV system that could meet the college’s requirements while staying within the budget. Additionally, the system needed to be highly customisable to cater to a wide range of uses. Mega Pro Audio had to ensure that the system was tri-amped, which required a high level of processing. Moreover, the college was undergoing renovations, and Mega Pro Audio needed to provide a console during the transition period so that the builders could build it around the console.

Rising to the Challenge

Mega Pro Audio provided a highly customised AV solution for Carey Baptist College that met their requirements while staying within the budget. The company used its long-standing relationship with the college to understand their needs and preferences, resulting in a tailored solution. The system was tri-amped, and Yamaha provided the necessary processing power. Mega Pro Audio also provided mixing consoles, which allowed the college to mix audio from multiple sources.

Main Auditorium — Nations Church, WA
Branch pendant large, in natural anodized finish

Timely Delivery

Mega Pro Audio was able to meet the college’s deadlines despite the challenges posed by the renovations. When approval was given, the company quickly provided a console from over east to ensure that the builders could build it around the console. This allowed the project to move forward smoothly and on time.


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