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When it comes to creating a memorable dining experience, every detail counts. That’s why Will Street Restaurant, a top-tier Restaurant in Perth, turned to Mega Pro Audio for their expertise in audio installations.

However, with a tight deadline looming, Mega Pro Audio had to work closely with the builder to ensure that the installation was completed on time and within budget. Despite the challenges, Mega Pro Audio delivered a high-quality system that exceeded the expectations of the restaurant and its customers. In this case study, we’ll take a closer look at how Mega Pro Audio helped enhance Will Street Restaurant into a truly immersive dining experience.

Atmosphere with Top-Quality Sound System

Mega Pro Audio provided the equipment, expertise and installation needed to create a soundscape that complimented Will Street’s remarkable atmosphere. Delivering exceptional service and expertise, the selected BOSE sound system enhanced the experience of all the restaurant’s customers, creating a vibrant yet intimate dining experience.

Ongoing Support Ensures Optimal Performance

Mega Pro Audio’s team of experienced consultants worked closely with Will Street Restaurant to identify their unique requirements and recommend the best solutions to meet their goals and budget. An express requirement was that no speakers were to be placed in a way that detracted from the experience of patrons situated close to them. The team provided expert guidance and support throughout the project, from pre-installation testing to ongoing maintenance and support to ensure all projects requirement were met.

High-Performance and Aesthetically Pleasing System

Each piece of equipment that Mega Pro Audio installed at Will Street Restaurant worked together to create a high-performing and aesthetically pleasing sound system.
Easy and intuitive control over the audio system in multiple dining areas was achieved with the Bose Control Centre CC-1 and CC-2 Volume Zone Controller Wall Plates. The sleek and minimalistic design of the wall plates blended seamlessly with the restaurant’s décor.

The Bose DM6SE Design Max Surface Speakers were selected for their compact form factor, while still having extraordinary warmth and bass response for a 6” speaker. Clear and balanced sound to every seat in the restaurant, while its modern design complemented the restaurant’s interior design.

The Bose P4300+ Amplifier powered the entire audio system. The internal powersharing technology and processing allows easy expansion of the system in the future, as well as providing the processing power for the tuning and refinement of the space. Its brushed aluminium finish and clean lines gave it a modern and sophisticated look that complemented the restaurant’s overall aesthetic. Together, these Bose products delivered both outstanding performance and seamless integration into the Will Street Restaurant’s interior design.

Collaborating with Mega Pro Audio to Deliver Top-Tier Audio Solution

Going above and beyond, the Mega Pro Audio team’s package included specialised tuning and calibration of the sound system to specifically suit the restaurant. This ensured that the maximum potential of the system was reached, and is what takes a good setup to the next level.


Products Used

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Bose Control Centre CC-1 Volume Zone Controller Wall Plate
Bose DM6SE Design Max Surface Speaker Pair
Bose P4300+ Amplifier
Bose Control Centre CC-3 Volume Zone Controller Wall Plate
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